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April 14, 2013
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You have lived here all of your life. Days, weeks, months, years have passed by with nothing out of the ordinary occuring whatsoever. It was an uneventful town. And if anyone had to ask you, your life was quite uneventful as well.

Your life had been and, as you assume, always will be average. You believed you were somewhere in the middle when it came to looks with your (h/c) hair and deep (e/c) eyes. No, it was nothing for anyone to make a fuss over. You were a high schooler and you had never had a boyfriend. Meanwhile, girls in your grade dressed in tank tops whether it be winter or summer, and they seemed to go out with different boys everyday. It hadn't fazed you that much; right from the beginning, kindergarten, you knew they were going to amount to this. You knew deep down you were better than all of those girls combined. Not everyone in your grade was like that; you had a couple of good friends and that was all.

Your life changed, er, slightly, when a green-skinned fellow was standing in the front of your classroom, back in fifth grade. Of course, that was another story, but you had been co-existing with him for five years now. And maybe before that, there had been someone you'd dealt with for even longer: Dib.

His one and only aspiration was to become a (professional) paranormal investigator when he was an adult. He had plenty of experience; and he had hit the jackpot with the green-skinned-no-ears guy suddenly appearing in your town. Zim. Yes, that was his name. Since you hadn't really cared much for him, you hadn't bothered to remember his name either.

They had even more than a long-lasting enmity for one another; you didn't know how to even describe it. It was much too complicated for words.

On one random day, or night, you dragged your feet against sidewalk as you usually did. You could almost hear your mother scolding you for ruining your new shoes. It wasn't as simple as you thought, especially since you weren't wearing your usual, average, comfortable sneakers as always.

You were aware of what you could do. You were alone, independent, with no one there to give you orders to comply with; you could turn around and run speedily to the hidden field nearby and fall asleep and simply make up excuses when you got home.

But turning around in those heels you wore was quite difficult. With one attempt, your heel was bruised in seconds. It wasn't about to preclude you from getting home. But then your friend, Brynn, suddenly appeared beside you. She was grinning from ear-to-ear, cheerful as always. It was strange how her optimistic personality didn't clash too much with your indifferent one. Sometimes, you didn't even know. You didn't bother to put too much thought into it, however.

"Are you going?" Brynn shook you with excitement. She was attired in a silky grey dress that was only slightly above her matching heels and her hair had been straightened. You weren't very surprised but you smiled at her just to assure her that you were all right.

"Well, I guess so," you replied, shocked you had even said so. School dances were not up your alley, but Brynn was very close to you and she didn't have many friends either; your friend group consisted of you, Brynn, and two other girls, but they had not been willing to go. Only Brynn had been interested and you chose to attend to give her some company.

"You can't bail on me now!" Brynn said, her eyes scanning your outfit in an impressed manner. "All the guys are going to want to dance with you."
"Thanks, but," you sighed and absent-mindedly flicked a strand of hair off of your shoulders, "I highly doubt anyone would dance with me."

"Nah, they will, they wouldn't dance with me." Brynn fiddled with the small purse dangling off her hand, seeming almost as anxious as you were. "Everyone thinks I'm too cheerful."

"They don't know what they're missing then. Don't worry. I'll come." You attempted to put one foot in front of the other which did not work very well. You almost fell if it hadn't been for Brynn, who steadied you and offered to assist you with walking in those torturous shoes, to which you were gratefully accepted. It was all thanks to her that you got the gist of looking like you were naturally heading down the sidewalk in a (d/c) dress and (h/c) heels.

And after what seemed like an eon, you were standing in the hallway of the Hi Skool, outside of the entrance of the cafeteria, with Brynn, fidgeting with the ends of your dress. Brynn almost seemed reluctant as well. She was flattened against the tiled wall standing still. "You were right," she mumbled to you. Her feet were shuffling in the direction of the door. She had lost her confidence. It was something you didn't see that often.

"No, I was wrong," you argued, grabbing her arm and beginning to tug it. She winced but was pulled right off of the wall and after some foolish squabbling, you two were in the cafeteria. It contained the usual dance atmosphere, with a DJ remixing songs playing out of two gigantic speakers, a long table at one end holding bowls of punch and water (although the punch was probably water filled with food-coloring) and slices of pizza. All the students danced either in groups or alone. Some even balanced themselves against the wall, indifferent emotions in their features.

Brynn seemed noticeably mellow as you two approached the center of the room. Almost everyone in the Skool was there, which wasn't a very large amount. There weren't many people who attended your Skool, which didn't surprise you very much. If you had the choice, you wouldn't be here anymore. The only reason you liked Skool was Brynn and your other friends.

Nothing was particularly worthy of grabbing your attention here, you noticed as your eyes darted in every direction, but then you noticed something in the corner that prompted your eyes to widen.

It was that future paranormal investigator...Dib. And he was practically strangling Zim, shouting in his face. Beside Zim was a tiny little green puppy, attempting to leap up to his torso but failing. He was especially adorable in your opinion but who knew what would happen if you interrupted?

So you subtly watched the exchange whilst playing tug-of-war with the pizza pie. It was difficult to obtain a slice with how much cheese there was topped on the one you'd mentally chosen. Brynn stood beside you, patiently awaiting the chance to go for her slice.

It was once your coveted slice was lying on your plate that you felt a nail dig into your arm and bring you over to that corner. Yes, it had been Dib. You glowered down at him, as he was an inch or two shorter than you were. "What was that for?!"

"Um...______, right? Well, HE-" At this, Dib pointed at Zim angrily and Zim backed away. "-thinks no one realizes that he's an alien! He actually thinks he has everyone fooled!"

You chuckled at this right away and Zim glared at you. You shrugged defensively and your attention was back on Dib. "So...where do I come into this?"

"I need someone to actually agree with me here! You think Zim's an alien, right?!"
Even with all of the music blaring throughout the vast room, you could detect a tangible silence where you and the strange people stood. You didn't know what to say. You knew Zim was an alien (after all, it was pretty obvious and you weren't an idiot) but what if you said you knew? Then Dib would try to team up with you and you'd spend your days alien-hunting, which did not offer much appeal to you. But did you want Dib to turn against you either? This was becoming tricky.

"______!" Brynn was calling you, and now she had joined your group at the corner. She and Dib completely ignored each other but her eyes fell upon the small dog beside Zim and she squealed, scooping him up into her arms. He wriggled slightly but loosened and rested his head on her shoulder. "Oh my gooosh! He's the cutest!!!"

"Give me my dog back, you Earth hyooman!" Zim demanded, the topic of the previous conversation seeming to vanish from everyone else's mind.

"But he likes me," Brynn whined, nuzzling the top of the dog's head. "What's this little baby's name?"

"It's GIR," Zim replied stiffly, obviously annoyed.

"Awww, I wuv him," she cooed as GIR nuzzled her in return. "I wish he was miiineee!"

"Yeah, yeah, sure, me too." Zim's eye twitched as he turned to you. " she friend?" And a smile began to form.

" of them, yes," you responded, becoming suspicious quickly. He was an alien and what if he did something awful to Brynn?

"I'll make a little deal with you," the alien started, smirking broadly, and pushing Dib into Brynn, who cast him an angry look and held GIR protectively. After that, Zim motioned for you to follow him and you obliged until you two were outside. It was much darker than before and gusts of light wind blew your hair to the side. After he checked to make sure no one was watching, he dove into the bushes and you sighed, annoyed, ducking under with him.

"Look, what's the deal?" you wanted to know. "I just want to go back inside where it's warm."

He rolled his eyes. "If you tell Dib that Zim is a normal human worm baby...I won't harm your little friend in there."

"What?! What did my friend do?!" you exclaimed. Your hips were almost touching his and you struggled to open more distance between the two of you.

"Nothing!" he said to you, seeming to do the opposite. Of what interest were you to him?

You figured he just wanted an excuse to keep you from siding with Dib. "Look, I was going to say I thought you were human this whole time." You didn't know him very well, but he seemed like an interesting alien, and maybe someone you could get to know better and annoy Dib with. You hadn't exactly gotten along with Dib from the start anyway, so what difference would it make?

"So I brought you out here for NOTHING!" Zim crawled out of the bushes and left you there, presumably just expecting you to enter the cafeteria yet again and defend him."'Human worm baby' is not even a normal term!" you shouted after him to no response.

Yes, he could be an interesting friend... You ran into the cafeteria, having been used to the heels, and arrived over at the corner where Brynn was still cuddling GIR, Dib seemed to be in his own little world, and Zim looked as if he was anticipating you.

"I didn't know Zim was an alien," you finally said, faking a stupid look on your face. You just hoped it was persuading.

"HA! STUPID HUMAN! You were WRONG! ZIM WAS RIGHT! I AM ZIIIM!" The alien broke into a fit of maniacal laughter, and Dib simply walked away. You giggled and held out your hand for a high-five for Zim. He was hesitant for a moment but slapped your hand quickly.

For the rest of the dance, you hung around by the corner, chatting with Zim, who warmed up to you but still maintained his egotistical manner. Brynn loved GIR up and nearly cried when she had to return him to Zim near the end of the dance. It was then that the DJ called out a "slow dance" and everyone was ushered out onto the floor. Even you, GIR, Brynn, and Zim.

The four of you stood out on the dance floor, not bothering to even attempt to dance, but one teacher headed over to you and glanced down at you. "You have to slow dance! It's a rule! If you don't, you get kicked out of here!" he threatened and then practically stomped away.

"Okay, Zim, I don't care whether you like it or not. You're dancing with me." Your hands were on Zim's shoulders and you swayed to the beat of the song with Zim adding an objecting "but-" until he realized he couldn't stop you. He capitulated and wrapped his arms around your waist, imitating your moves. It felt nice for those three minutes. When the song came to an end, you both pulled apart fast.

"Sorry, that was only friendly," you apologized, almost blushing but keeping yourself from doing so.

Zim didn't respond but shrugged, which you assumed was his way of saying it was all right. Reluctantly, Brynn, who had slow-danced with GIR in her arms, handed him over to Zim and joined you, smiling once again. You were both smiling.

The cafeteria had emptied and you and Brynn heaved the doors open, taking the shortcut outside that you and Zim had taken before. You both agreed on dropping Brynn off at home first and as your heels clacked against the sidewalk, you heard a high-pitched shout. "HEY BRYNNIEEE!"

Brynn whirled around to see a clearly metallic and small robot galloping towards her. "LOOK AT MEEEE!" When they were closer, he jumped onto her leg.

Right behind him was Zim, and he looked...different. His eyes were a dark magenta and instead of black hair, there were two antennae. You only grinned at that. "That must be GIR," you guessed, pointing at the robot clinging to Brynn. You also presumed that GIR had ripped off Zim's disguise. You didn't think Zim would willingly reveal himself as alien to you, even though you were already aware of the fact and he knew.

"...Yes, yes he is. Now. I MUST GO! See ya, filthy humans!" Zim laughed once again as he pried GIR off of Brynn. She frowned but then Zim laughed yet again and sat down on the concrete. "YES! You are GULLIBLE!" You sat down next to him, figuring that he always emphasized every word.

GIR embraced Brynn when she joined you two on the sidewalk. She didn't seem very upset by Zim's remark. In fact, she looked quite amused.

You spent the next few hours getting to know each other more. Unknowingly, he was much closer to you than he had been when you were in the bushes. And you found maybe you were enjoying it, especially when you two were exchanging smiles. Like old friends. Maybe one day it would be a little something more, and you liked the prospect of that. Suddenly, your life wasn't just average any longer.
Well, yeah, this is a commission for my awesome soeur :iconqueenspicytea: and I hope this turned out decent. It was slightly challenging to dream up a title for this. Anyway, there aren't many ZimxReaders so...hopefully you guys enjoy it. I'm still practicing when it comes to writing. I love doing it. I've been improving lately, so I just really, really hope everyone who reads this enjoys it. If you feel the need to give me constructive criticism, go ahead. Brynn is based on me, except more girly and cheerful. She loves GIR, just like I do. :)

ANYWAY! All Invader Zim characters and other elements from the show belong to :iconjhonenplz:!
And Brynn belongs to meee~
And you belong to :iconzimsmirkplz:!
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